Monkey News - 24.09.19

Monkey News - 24.09.19

Welcome to this weeks edition of Monkey News, the news roundup for everything Lupin III!

The Mystery of Mamo is coming to theatres in France!

The 1978 theatrical film Mystery of Mamo will be coming to cinemas in France. The film is set to début alongside The Castle of Cagliostro later this year, mostly thanks to efforts of French distributor SplendorFilms!

This news comes hot on the heels of the recent announcement that the green jacket TV series will be getting a Blu-ray release in France. Included with the release is a heap of new artwork, all of which is features as part of the set’s special edition packaging.

As the Arsène Lupin name has now entered the public domain, the previous French title of Edgar de la Cambriole is no longer needed (although still features on the set)!

The packaging for the French Blu-ray is gorgeous, and the set even comes complete with an art book!

Lupin III is finally behind bars?!

A 40 year old male has been arrested in Tokyo for the robbery of various convenience stores.

The man was first seen at a FamilyMart in the area of Asagaya, Tokyo, were he took off on a bicycle with 98,000 yen. He then hit a nearby LAWSON, hopped back on his bicycle, to then end the night at another nearby FamilyMart.

Talk about some late night shopping…

The man was reported to be in possession of a gun - a Walther P-38. Police apprehended the man and discovered that the gun was indeed a toy. The thief confirmed that his choice of weapon was “inspired” by Lupin III, as he has been a fan of the show for many years.

From one fan of the show to another - this is perhaps the most un-Lupin-like stunt you could pull. Holding up innocent convenience store workers at gun point and then riding off into the night on a bicycle is not something we could ever imagine our beloved thief doing. Where is the honour, the excitement, the sexy adventure?

While there were no details regarding the officer at the scene, we can only assume he was wearing a long brown jacket, hat and pursued the bicycle riding thief on foot shouting “LOOPAWN, GET BACK HERE!”

Characters and above image owned by TMS and NTV.

Lupin… on ice!

A video has surfaced of American gold medallist Tomoki Hiwatashi’s Lupin III themed performance from this years “ICE 2019” show in Osaka!

Tomoki Hiwatashi’s impressive routine featured not only a very familiar red jacket, but music from the Italian opening of Part II along with the familiar Yuji Ohno theme tune.

Check out the video on YouTube below, and let us all wish Hiwatashi the best of luck as he readies to compete for the 2019 NHK trophy later this year!

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