Monkey News - 01.10.19

Monkey News - 01.10.19

Welcome to this weeks edition of Monkey News, the news roundup for everything Lupin III!

Lupin III: The First advertisements spotted in Japan!

Lupin III: The First advertising is going… up! Twitter user Pitaroua has spotted a large poster for the upcoming 3DCG film. The promotional image of a 3D Lupin can be spotted on elevators outside of film theatres in Gifu Prefecture, which is near to Nagoya.

Lupin III: The First will be the series’ first extended venture into 3D animation, and releases in Japanese theatres on December 6th. Check out the teaser trailer on YouTube here. There are currently no known plans to release the film in the West, but if at all, we would guess that Italy will be the first to see a release due to their keen history with the franchise!

Photo credit: Pitaroua on Twitter

Goemon’s Blood Spray officially releases on Blu-ray in the US!

You may recall we previously reported that copies of Goemon’s Blood Spray were arriving early for some lucky buyers in the US. As of Tuesday last week, the film has been officially released on Blu-ray!

The new Discotek Media release features an English dub in addition to the original Japanese language version. Various cast members from previous Pioneer / Geneon and FUNimation English dubs will be returning, however some are switching roles (such as Richard Epcar, who while normally plays Jigen Daisuke, takes the role of Inspector Zenigata in the Lupin the IIIRD spin-off series).

The Blu-ray is currently available to purchase for the sale price of $16.22 from and a DVD version of the film will release on the 29th of October.

Characters and above image owned by TMS and NTV.

Takeshi Koike doodles again!

Takeshi Koike, director of Redline and the Lupin the IIIRD spin-off films has posted yet another illustration featuring Lupin up on Twitter!

Koike, who was also the character designer on the 2012 spin-off series The Woman Called Fujiko Mine, posted the drawing in celebration of a recent bumper showing of his movies. Redline, along with all three Lupin the IIIRD films, showed back to back across select cinemas in Japan.

It has been nearly a decade since the original release of Redline. We cannot wait to see what he has in store next - whether it be Lupin related or something entirely new! Check out his illustration below.

Characters from Redline feature at the top of the picture, while Lupin shoots in at the bottom!

This years Hamanaka Town Lupin festival comes to an end!

This years Hamanaka Town Lupin celebration has come to a close.

The festival, which takes place in the late Kazuhiko Katō’s place of birth, celebrates everything Lupin. This years festival also acted as a tribute to Katō, with a special museum opened up in his honour. The official Facebook page for the event thanks guests for attending, and making it such a busy month.

We fully expect the Hamanaka Town event to be back again in 2020, so be sure to keep an eye out for it!

The above image was posted on the events official Facebook page.

Lupin III: The First gets new trailer and poster!

Lupin III: The First gets new trailer and poster!

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